Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette Swatches on Different Skin Tones

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette Swatches on Different Skin Tones
Hello, friends! Here are the swatches of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette on different skin tones.

Price and Availability

7/17 at Anastasia, 7/29 at Ulta, 8/7 at All Other Retailers, 8/8 International; $ TBA

Product Description

From @norvina on the inspiration behind the palette… “The key to this palette is the shimmers and accompanying mattes,” which pairs the “cool tone” shades Norvina loves with a “deep blue-tone[d] berry” with the “dark squash” color of “a shade like Eccentric.” (Eccentric is the shade she has hit pan on the most!) She finds that it helps “to create so much dimension & contrast[,] which gives [her] eyes the intensity [she] likes” so that she achieve a balance between intensity and whimsy, as she “love[s] the fantasy of color that allows [her] to look like [she’s] walking in a Disney parade.” Norvina wanted to ensure that the palette was wearable by many, which considered “truly important.”

The Norvina palette includes three purples–Soul, “a matte deep periwinkle;” Celestial, “combination of pearls [for] cool-tone[d] violet;” and Drama, “a deep aubergine or deep violet shimmer” that she says will “pick up warmth or coolness depending on skin tone” as it has a black base.

On her purple-hued inclusions, she says, “Purple is my absolute favorite color, but I love purple shadow to a limit personally,” and so she needed a “variety” in shades to complement the purple shades, like Love, described as a “matte, cool-tone[d] pink” and Wild Child, another “duo-chrome, cool-tone[d] pink.” She continues to explain that “Harmony and balance is important when considering [her] features, skin tone, hair color and the makeup [she wears], [as it’s] a way to elevate [her] look and not overwhelm people by wearing too many colors.”

Norvina loves colors like bronzes and golds but has had “trouble” with the two hues being “too yellow or [too] copper” for her skin tone, and she finds that Summer, a “cool-tone[d] bronze” along with Glistening, a “cool-tone[d] gold” lean cooler, and these two metallic hues will work across all skin tones, not just fair and lighter ones. Rose Gold is supposed to be a cool-toned iteration of a common shade, as she finds most are “too red” for her skin tone. She created Base, a “neutral eggshell” as a brow bone shade and Incense, described as an “ideal balance between a warm and cool transition” that its a “mid-tone taupe.”

She enthusiastically states how Volatile, a “violet gray,” was an absolute “MUST!” inclusion in the palette as it’s not a shade she’s seen often in the past. The last shade in the palette, Passion, she describes as a “deep plum” that is cooler-toned than Mulberry (in Soft Glam) and picks up on the blue undertones in her complexion.

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette Shades

DREAMER – Shimmery beige
SUMMER – Shimmery bronze
WILD CHILD – Shimmery pink
ROSE GOLD – Shimmery rose gold
CELESTIAL – Shimmery purple
DAZZLING – Shimmering taupe
DRAMA – Shimmery plum
BASE – Beige
SOUL – Lavender
LOVE – Pink
ECCENTRIC – Warm brown
PASSION – Plum brown

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Anastasia x Norvina Eyeshadow Palette Swatches on Different Skin Tones
images courtesy of anastasia

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